If you wonder what is beyond Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlan, there is so much more to be discovered than the beaches, beaches and more beautiful beaches that are found throughout Banderas Bay. A whole world of mountain life lays beyond the bay nestled in the Sierra Madre Mountains where one might feel like Pancho Villa could cross their path. Only 45 minutes South of Puerto Vallarta you will find the quaint typical Mexican town of El Tuito.

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Divine Place

El Tuito means the “Divine Place” in the Aztecan language “Nahua,” and if you take the time to visit you will know why it received such an elevated name. El Tuito is a 500 year old typical town with only 3,600 people, mainly, farmers and small business owners. Soon, the town may have its first bank. While it is moving forward in terms of technology and health services, the town was recently added to the list of authentic Mexican towns known as Pueblos Magicos compiled by the Mexican Federal Government.

The main plaza

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It has a charming zocalo (main square) which is commonly used as a meet up point: “See you on the plaza at two o’clock” is all the arrangement needed. You might be witness to the children rehearsing folkloric ballet. This is a site to be seen. El Tuito is a hub that many people pass through to head west to the beautiful coast of Cabo Corrientes. The residents of El Tuito (also known as Tuiteños) hold great pride for their plaza and their pueblito (town). A beautiful tree sits on the plaza that even has it’s own name: “Maria.” She offers shaded in front of the municipal plaza and library.


The flora is diverse in the region and behind the walls of many homes with roof tiles you will find eternal spring gardens and there are plenty of Oak trees keeping the secrets of many generations.

Local wares

There is a tiny population of foreigners who have chosen to invest in El Tuito and live a tranquil life away from the bustle of Puerto Vallarta. Walking through town you will find small bakeries, little stores that sell the local Raicilla (Mexican Moonshine) and merchants that sell local panela cheese.

Getting there

There is a bus from downtown Puerto Vallarta that will take you to El Tuito that you can catch outside the Garza Blanca Resort. Likewise, you can rent a car, take a taxi or book a tour through the tour agency on site. It’s well worth the trip!

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