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Our History

Tino´s history began on January 14th in 1990, opened our doors to a very small place, Don Tino started this venue, his wife and his mother woffering just some cocktails and ceviche tostadas, after a few moths they included the PESCADO SARANDEADO, it soon became the specialty of the house.

After two years, the business grew and by approving a loan began the building of new premises of Tino's, on August 28, 1993 is when it officially begins the story of Mariscos Tino's.

From this moment, the menu grew to welcome dishes like Tino's shells, crab tacos, grilled specialties and others delicious dishes. By 1996 Tino's was was a favorite among locals and tourists, domestic and international.

Already established in the restaurant industry and observing that Pitillal demand that existed in 1999, we created Tino's La Laguna Restaurant in Nuevo Vallarta, with a completely different atmosphere because as its name implies, is located next to a natural lagoon that is home of crocodiles, turtles, iguanas and birds of different types.

In 2004, with the expansion goal as usual, we opened the third restaurant in Punta de Mita, where you can delve into the adventure of surfing or enjoy the calm sea in the company of your favorite dishes.

It was in 2009 when Tino's Pitillal decided to close its doors and move to El Malecón, in the heart of Vallarta.

Nowadays, Mariscos Tino's has 3 locations throughout the Bay of Banderas, each with a unique and special atmosphere.

Mariscos Tino's

Mariscos Tino's

Puerto Vallarta, Malecon

Mariscos Tino's

Nuevo Vallarta, La Laguna

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